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The digital age has overwhelmed businesses and consumers with online promotional methods. Some believe online marketing remains superior. Companies must remember the power of print marketing, such as direct mail. Print marketing is cost-effective, digestible, trustworthy, promotes business visibility, and is easier to read and process for consumers. According to Finances Online, 82% of consumers trust print ads when making a purchase decision. 75% of consumers said receiving print advertisements made them feel special. Marketing aims to make consumers feel special, trigger desire, and influence a purchasing decision. Bulk mailing through USPS does serve the purpose.

According to, Data & Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail has a 9% average response rate and a 91%-96% engagement rate. The response rate is very high compared to 1%-5% email response rates, according to GMass. Personalized and customized direct mail increase response rates by 135%. The chart below shows the difference in response rates between direct mail and other channels. 75% of consumers engaging with direct mail recall the brand that sent it, compared to 44% who view an online ad. 80% of consumers immediately act on print ads compared to just 45% on digital ads. In addition, direct mail influences 54% of social media engagement and 45% of downloads.

Source: Conquest Graphics

Print marketing has been experiencing an increased response rate for the last two decades, as shown in the illustration below. Businesses should include bulk mailing activities to profit from the massive consumer acceptance and preference for direct mail than other forms of marketing.

Direct mail offers a more flexible way to deliver personalized content to the target audience. Customers, according to DMA, are more responsive to direct mail if it contains: the correct name and address (74%); the name in the letter message (43%); the letter acknowledges historical dealings with the organization (31%); mages to which the recipient can relate (23%), and; tailored to gender (23%). The statistics show how personalization impacts consumer response rates. Bulk mailing offers a convenient, cost-effective, and accessible method to add personalization to your business’ print marketing activities. Bulk direct mailing has an overall 29% return on investment (ROI). Personalization can improve by 300%-1000%. Catalogs, postcards, traditional mailers, brochures, self-mailers, newsletters, leaflets, and dimensional mailers are customizable to meet personalization requirements.

Most ad consumers are millennials, between 26 to 38 years old, who make up 21.7% of the US population, and Gen Z, who are 10-25 years old, making up 20.7% of the US population. According to Creative Direct Marketing Group (CDMG), 84% of Gen Z receive direct mail with a QR code or link that enables engagement with a brand online by redirecting to discounted offers, product pages, blogs, apps, videos, social media, landing pages, and online ordering and delivery pages. In addition, 40% of campaigns that use these methods have confirmed a profitable ROI. Gen-Zers are tech enthusiasts; they welcome direct mail that connects them with the digital world. Providing QR codes increases conversion rates and return on investment for Gen Z.

On the other hand, millennials have an affinity for physical media. They love receiving mail that they treasure, like collectibles such as comic books and stamps. 90% of this demographic prefers direct mail to other promotional methods. According United States Postal Services (USPS), 57% of Millennial acted on direct mail offers. Also, Gen X cohorts who are 39+ favor direct mail; USPS indicates that 66% of Gen X have a positive impression of businesses that distribute direct mail that is appropriate and to the point. In addition, 70% of Gen X consumers feel print ads are more personal than online communications and thus are more likely to read direct mail than emails.

Businesses marketing through bulk mailing are likely to experience higher conversion because recipients have been found to read, engage and act at their convenience. Direct mail enables the recipient to receive it anytime and access it anytime when they are accessible and dedicated at the home, office, or in the car. Therefore, direct mail enjoys the privilege of being read and viewed when appropriate, which makes them convenient.   Small Biz Genius reports that 73% of US consumers opt for direct mail contact from brands because they can read mail at their convenience. As the statistics show, bulk mailing through USPS holds immense benefits for businesses that adopt and sustain the trend.